In school, there was that kid who was the quietest and likes being seated at the corner — pretending to listen to the teacher.  Her thoughts, in contrast to what people see of her, are always loud and vibrant — wandering to destinations only she sees. Right now, although her age says she may have already grown up, in her heart, she's still that kid. Only that she's not in school anymore. Currently, she now finds herself fully indulged in this world, going to places where she is most free to express these thoughts into tangible, visual, creative forms. This is how this kid makes noise.

About The Kid

Her name is Zeyn Afuang, an INTJ. She's from Quezon City, Philippines. She has a degree of Bachelor of Science of Science in Nursing and is a licensed nurse in her country. 

But right now, she does freelance graphic designing (also videography and photography) not only because she's happy doing it but also because she is confident that this is what make her soul was really made for — to take raw concepts and ideas and turn them into beautifully crafted visual masterpieces that, in turn, show that the ultimate source of all human creativity is her Creator.

She likes clean and minimalist layouts and designs. She is so passionate about typography. She also finds joy telling life stories through photography and likes creating short documentary films that tackle the current truths in our society today. She loves to write. She loves to read books. Her favorite authors, for now, are Haruki Murakami and Tess Gerritsen.

Though she's a super introvert (she's 97% introverted — as her last personality test result says), she loves traveling a lot! She believes that visiting unfamiliar territories is healthy for the soul because it molds your perspectives on various life matters, especially with regards to people's culture, language and traditions. She likes to take challenges that push her to her limits and make her jump outside the comforts of her room. She is totally aware of her flaws but not letting them stop her from doing what she wants. She's always hungry for experiences that will sharpen her set of skills and will always look for opportunities that scare her because she believes this is the only way to improve on one's self.

Should you want to work with this kid on a certain project, she would like to hear about it. Please do not hesitate to contact her.

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